Technology in football

Kacie Young, Review Editor

December 2, 2015

On the sidelines, players huddle around a screen after making a play with their coaches while the game is still going on around them. In football, technology is used constantly, whether it’s during the game, during practice, or in free time. Different programs are used at varying times. HUDL and Skycoach are the two prog...

Passion for volleyball

Mollie Ownbey, Sports Editor

December 2, 2015

Coach Shyrah Schisler stands on the court and jolts her body, as if she were in the game. She is alongside the team, on her feet at all times, leading them and interacting every play of the game. Her aspiration to be in the coaching position came about after growing up with coaches who poured time and energy into all aspect...

Life after football

Mollie Ownbey, Sports Editor

December 2, 2015

Soon the once-packed football stadium will sit in solitude; chairs which were filled with seas of blue and white will remain empty, and the cheers for the boys in uniform will cease. The turnover of the season is upon us. Football is coming to a close, despite the wishes against its ending. For juniors and sophomores, it will end just...

Working with what you have

Jordan Setser, Opinion Editor

November 17, 2015

When a certain team is good at what they do, others look to them for example. They look to them for direction because whatever they are doing works. If you can’t beat them, join them. The Har-Ber Silver Stars, however, are choosing a different approach. “Before we started working with our own strengths, we kept just ...

College Recruiting

Molllie Ownbey, Sports Editor

October 20, 2015

Gathered in front of your student body, family, and friends to sign a letter of intent to continue an athletic career is a dream for most. According to NCAA, nearly eight million students currently participating in high school athletics in the United states, only 460,000 of them will compete at NCAA schools. Of that group, on...

Pre Game Meal

Neako Ramos, Reporter

April 17, 2015

In the world of sports there is so much that goes into the training process and even more into the winning process. We as fans and viewers get to see all of the hard work and dedication every athlete puts into their craft by the way they perform on the field or court. The recognition of their efforts also adds to that confidence...

Malik Monk

February 24, 2015

Wrestling team starts season off strong

Mollie Ownbey, Sports Editor

February 6, 2015

The Wildcat Varsity wrestling team competed in their first dual Dec. 3 at Fayetteville High School to kick off the season. They had two big wins, beating Bentonville 50-21 and Fayetteville 48-20. Starting the season off with two victories over conference foes puts the Wildcats in a solid position in the conference. The Wildcats...

State Cross Country Meets

Joanna Keck

February 6, 2015

As Elise Reina crosses the finish line, an equally as glorious smile rushes across her face to complement her 2014 state cross-country championship title. Saturday, Nov. 8, the Cross Country team competed in the state race at Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs. Oaklawn Park is originally the home of many horse races, so teams from...

Fishing team overcomes adversity

Joanna Keck

February 5, 2015

Just as Noah Boyett dishearteningly ties up to a nearby tree and envisions a possibility of defeat, the trolling motor of his not-so-reliable boat starts back up again just in time for him to fill his fish limit within only a few minutes left in the tournament. On Jan. 25 the fishing team took first place in the high school...

Cheer preps for Nationals

Samantha Stansbury, Editor

February 5, 2015

The team huddled into a circle with their heads down, took each other’s hands, and waited in a gym heavy in suspense and nervous anticipation for their school to be announced. The announcement that would confirm that all of the hard work, long practices, conditioning, and injuries were worth it. As the announcer’s voice...

Foreign exchange student joins the stars

Mollie Ownbey, Sports Editor

February 5, 2015

Celine Petersohn’s endearment for dancing followed her across the world. All the way from Leipzig, Germany to her temporary home as a foreign exchange student in Springdale, Arkansas, dancing is something Petersohn couldn’t leave behind. The desire to pursue her love for traveling, and her aspiration to be apart  of...

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