Alley cats separate out from other teams

The Alley Cats attended the state bowling tournament at Fast Lanes with only half of the other teams present on Feb. 9. The other teams were supposed to compete the next today but the weather conditions delayed their turn. 

The Alley Cats boys finished fourth place in conference. The girls also finished fourth in conference. 

“The bowling season went pretty well this year,” senior Hayden Shook said. “We had a few minor complications due to kids not being able to show up because of being quarantined but other than that it was pretty good.” 

Competitions looked different this season. Masks were worn the whole time even when bowling. No spectators were allowed to watch. The teams were spread out and separate from each other, according to Shook.

“It didn’t really affect playing,” junior Emma Nelson said, “it’s kinda having to wear it like everything else.” 

Senior Hayden Swope had better focus being spread out from the other teams. 

“For me, I think it gave me more focus on our team than looking around and seeing a lot more people,” senior Hayden Swope said, “because everybody was spread out so we weren’t on top of each other and we were able to just be in our lane and our own mindset.”

The team would practice at the Springdale Bowling Alley. Team members would bowl three games to improve form and technique. 

“For practice honestly you just kind of make critiques as you go,” junior Claire Willis said.

According to Willis, repetition helps to improve form. 

“I’d say I have improved on my spare conversions,” Swope said.” Before I would leave a lot of open frames but due to a lot of practice on my own time and as a team I was able to work on my throws and make a lot more spares.” 

Winners of the matches were determined by which team knocked the most pins over during the two games individually and two baker games. A baker game is when multiple players bowl during a match. For example, one bowler might bowl frames one and six. 

“It’s fun because you have coach Haney as your coach,” Shook said. “He just jokes around and has fun with you.”  

Swope and Nelson enjoy the social aspect of the game.

“All friends are on it so I get to hang out with them and just bowl,” Nelson said, “it’s kinda fun.”