History of the Har-Ber Herald

The Har-Ber Herald is a relatively young newspaper, publishing its very first paper only six years ago, when the school first opened.

The Herald’s first adviser was Ms. Samantha Brown who ran the newspaper from 2005-06.

Mrs. Karla Sprague took over the role as new adviser during the 2006-07 school year, and ever since has worked to develop the program and to improve the newspaper each year.

During the 2010-2011 year, the newspaper went online for the first time, posting its stories to the web for many more people to view.

Currently approximately 1,500 copies go out to students, faculty, community members, and schools across the United States.

The staff of the Har-Ber Herald strives to provide a paper that:

  • Entertains our readers
  • Provides reliable information
  • Publicizes the accomplishments of our school
  • Exposes and explores the daily lives of students and faculty
  • Presents and discusses controversial issues in a respectful manner

The Herald is a member of the Journalism Education Association, The National Scholastic Press Association, and the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association.

The publication has received numerous awards at both the state and national level.

Writers for The Herald welcome comments, questions, or ideas. For more information regarding advertising in The Herald, contact Mrs. Sprague at [email protected]

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