‘Call-Out Culture’

Jackson Williams and Dain Houts

May 3, 2019

FOR - DAIN HOUTS What is “call-out culture”? “Call-out culture” is a social phenomenon which is when someone calls you out publicly. It is typically on social media, and it involves things that you’ve done in the past or are currently doing. What “call-out culture” provides is justice to people who ...

Rule changes weaken the tough sport

Halle Roberts, Editor

May 2, 2019

Recently the NFL, National Football League, has made rule changes to one of the most televised games in the United States. The game is now much stricter on roughing the passer, and you can’t put full weight on the tackle, so how do you determine? The defense can’t hit in the head, any contact is a penalty, hit them lo...

New lunch schedule means less time to eat

Kayla Rushton, Reporter

May 2, 2019

Lunches will be shorter next. The school is working on a new lunch schedule for the next school year. Right now everyone has a whole class period for lunch. The plan for next year’s lunches is to still have three but only 30 minutes long. The first lunch will go to lunch before fourth period. The second lunch will go ...

Hear Us Roar

The Herald Staff

May 2, 2019

This year has been far from easy for us as a staff. With legislative disappointments, censorship, prior review, early deadlines, and all eyes on our staff, we have had to watch our every word with great caution; however, these actions that happened have not changed the fact that being able to spread reliable, accurate, and ...

Let me form my own opinion

Halle Roberts, Editor

May 2, 2019

My phone played the all familiar ESPN jingle as the silent testing room stared. I quietly check the Astros score and get back to work. Sports have been my love for as long as I can remember. Growing up with a family full of boys and uncles that constantly talked, watched, and breathed sports, a passion for sports was destine...

Time capsules of years gone by

Katherine Carson, Online Editor

April 30, 2019

The sound of my beat up Converse reverberated through the large empty halls. As an incoming sophomore, the next three years were a chapter that I couldn’t write fast enough. I wanted it over. Quickly. The sun burned against my skin and the wind whipped my flag on the warm mornings of early week. While I despised the monot...

Life at a 3-1 count

Halle Roberts, Editor

April 30, 2019

Going into sophomore year it felt like the bottom of the ninth, tied game, runners in scoring position, and a full count. One wrong move and I strike out, setting a tone for the rest of my high school career, but one fastball down the middle and I take it 450 dead centers and start the next three years on the right foot. Much l...

Students spread too thin with mandatory requirements

Bailey Hopkins, Reporter

March 29, 2019

The process of picking classes for senior year is a stressful ordeal as it stands, deciding what core classes to challenge yourself in, or trying to find out what electives to take, as well as making sure to meet all graduation requirements. For some students such as myself, there is an added layer of frustration when o...

A forgotten conflict

Matteo Campagnola, Reporter

March 29, 2019

Myanmar, or should I say Burma, is a middle-sized country located in southeast Asia. The country gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1948. Until 2011, the country was under a military dictatorship. This dictatorship and other problems resulted in several civil wars and ethnic conflicts that have gripped the count...

Six makes a set

Halle Roberts, Editor

February 19, 2019

What would the Superbowl be without Tom Brady? Brady has already racked up 5 Superbowl rings in previous years, making this year’s his 6th. Undoubtedly, Brady has done what no other quarterback, let alone player, has done in NFL history. Although no one can argue the stats and the fact that Brady really is the “goat”,...

The ghost in the machine is sad and drunk

Harber S. Thompson, Guest writer

January 22, 2019

And then it was the time of year that so many cigar stained voices had talked at us about. We had all collectively entered into the sugar-water-logged caboose of the year, elbows deep in promises of snow and cheer and miscellaneous winterland flora, and just like the year that had lead up to that point, it was slapped out of ou...

An incurable case of widespread sensationalism

Jackson Williams, Reporter

January 22, 2019

As everyone who has mustered the willpower to actually read in the past year and a half will most likely already know. While even I may realize that the prior sentence I wrote may delve slightly into hyperbole, entire swaths of professional journalists believe that it is entirely possible. 2018 has seen the highest number of journali...

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