Student reviews Party School

Student reviews “Party School”

Greer McAllister, A&E Section Editor April 29, 2023

FInally, after two weeks of following the exciting and lively story of Dylan Mills in Jon Hart’s most recent publication, Party School, the verdict is in. It is a novel filled with an interesting college...

Outer Banks doesnt disappoint

Outer Banks doesn’t disappoint

Nate Kingsbury, Assistant Editor March 13, 2023

Outer Banks, the popular Netflix television series, recently released their third season on February 23rd.  The series has been very successful and was instantly elevated to first on trending throughout...

Administration handicaps student sections role

Administration handicaps student section’s role

The Herald Staff February 10, 2023

Some people may look at our basketball student section and see a bunch of rowdy, unruly kids with no sympathy or manners, but to us, it is a family. High school sports are unlike professional or college...

The death penalty is an outdated practice that should be abolished

Emma Pierce, Editor In Chief February 6, 2023

A very controversial topic that continues to spark a conversation is death row. Should the death penalty even be an option? It is hard for me to say people like Ted Bundy or Nicholaus Cruz deserve life...

Arkansas governor signs critical race theory ban

Arkansas governor signs critical race theory ban

Alli Flynt, Editor-in-Chief January 20, 2023

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ executive order, signed January 10, 2023, adds Arkansas to the 17 other states who have banned the teaching of critical race theory (CRT). This order is unnecessary,...

New Years Resolution to take risks

Termina Lang, Reporter January 13, 2023

In the year of 2023, I want to be able to take risks without having to think about it. I want to do things that will make me feel free. Even though I’m more of an introvert, I feel like I can step out...


Alli Flynt, Editor-in-Chief January 10, 2023

Sinking into my bed just after an excruciating day of school and choir rehearsals, I fall into a deep sleep with my makeup and jewelry from the day before still in place, and no homework or any other obligations...

Springdale schools should offer more athletic opportunities

Merrick Mims, Reporter December 9, 2022

The Springdale Public Schools system offers athletic opportunities at every school, including football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, swim, cross country, track, baseball, bowling,...

Springdale schools should teach Marshalese history

Springdale schools should teach Marshalese history

Termina Lang, Reporter October 27, 2022

The saying “bikini bottom” is referring to a hole that was left at the bottom of the ocean at Bikini Atoll after the United States used it as a target to test out nuclear bombs. Bikini Atoll is one...

Spirit week themes should celebrate school’s diverse population

Termina Lang, Reporter October 27, 2022

Spirit week for me means fun, creativity, and just a week to express yourself. Throughout the years of spirit week, I noticed that the themes are becoming very repetitive and outdated.  Repeating themes...

I’m not your therapist

Greer McAllister, A&E Section Editor January 19, 2022

So you say you’re a complex person, someone with layers that go deep, deep down like a spiral staircase, twisting and turning with every chapter of your life. So you say you’re a person with a...

New NBA season sets fan on pace for joy, disappointment

Nate Kingsbury, Assistant Editor January 9, 2022

The NBA season is a week underway, and as usual, many overreactions are being made. Many believe the Chicago Bulls are the title favorites. Others think the Charlotte Hornets should be taken seriously...

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