Korean movie filmed in Arkansas

Natalie Herrera, Reporter February 24, 2021

The Korean American film “Minari” presents a deeply truthful and human story. Director Lee Issac Chung based this film on his own childhood. Chung grew up on a small farm in rural Arkansas while facing...

Final four Bachelor contestants

Alli Flynt, Reporter February 21, 2021

After eliminating Season 25’s notorious bullies, we are left with a promising final four contestants. While I was definitely disappointed to watch some of my favorites leave, I do have confidence that...

Rory Gilmore inspires young writers to follow in her footsteps

Alli Flynt, Hallie Kirk, and Emma Roach February 16, 2021

After October 5th, 2000, millions of peoples lives were forever changed. From the first episode of our most beloved show, Gilmore Girls, our hearts have been overwhelmed by the beautiful plot line...

Bachelor brings in new girls mid season

Kayla Rushton, Co-Editor January 27, 2021

After coming off an anticlimactic season of the Bachelorette, I was ready to meet Matt James and the large number of women. James had not ever been on any of The Bachelor franchises, although he was supposed...

Valuable lessons learned from new Disney film

Kayla Rushton, Co-Editor January 20, 2021

The Disney movie Soul introduced a new look on the afterlife. It’s a super cute movie. Although I don’t totally agree with it, I thought it was an interesting outlook. It also taught many life lessons.  Soul...

Justin Baldoni releases heart-wrenching masterpiece- “Clouds”

Avery Lanning, Co-editor January 19, 2021

Justin Baldoni has done it again with another heart-wrenching masterpiece. Making it’s first appearance on Disney Plus October 12, 2020, “Clouds” has reached the #19 spot in a ran king by...

Walmart clothes make an appearance in 2020 fashion trends

Avery Lanning, Co-editor December 15, 2020

Up until my senior year, I always made an effort to dress up, or at least look presentable. That is until the brutal thorns of senior year became a disruption in my high school resolution. Suddenly my...

Organization show inspires student

Kayla Rushton, Co-Editor November 3, 2020

I got on Netflix when The Home Edit suggestion popped up. I saw a picture of Khloe Kardashian on the show's promotion picture and I knew that it had to be about organization since she is known for her...

Fall coffee to try this year

Emma Roach, Reporter October 21, 2020

Red Kite’s Harvest Oat This fall coffee and Red Kite has to be my personal winner. In this harvest blend, it has butternut, pumpkin spice, espresso, and milk. You taste every flavor equally and the...

Uncovering the true dilemma behind the Social Dilemma documentary

Avery Lanning, Co-editor October 20, 2020

The new Netflix original documentary, The Social Dilemma has been very popular among parents of teenagers. Containing interviews with ex-CEO’s and employees of various social media sources, the documentary...

Your New Quarantine Queue

Avery Lanning, Co-editor April 14, 2020

Disregarding the title, Niall Horan’s new album, “Heartbreak Weather” has been the sanguine music to this depressing quarantine. Niall Horan has stepped out of his hopeless romantic box with this...

New Call of Duty reboot proves to be successfull

Colby Stewart, Web Designer December 10, 2019

Call of Duty. A common name in video game culture, whether it be the less than nice words about the recent year entries into the franchise or the genre defining early titles the series is almost synonymous...

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