2k22 drops with two versions for gamers

NBA 2K22 dropped September 10, 2021 and millions of video game players around the world are teaming up to pass, dribble, shoot, and have fun.

This year, there are two different versions of the game; current-generation and next-generation. The version I own, Current Standard edition, is only available on the Playstation 4, Xbox 1, and a personal computer. There are other versions of the game that are available on next-gen consoles.

You can buy the standard edition on the next gen consoles as well as the current generations. If you own both, a current generation console, and a next generation console, you can buy the crossover version of the game. In that version you can play 2K on both, your current and next gen console. That version is listed at $79.99. 

In 2k22 MyCareer, the location is a cruise ship called Cancha Del Mar. There are courts of 2v2s and 3v3s held on the top deck of the ship. Other locations are availavle around the ship such as shopping locations, 5v5 courts, restaurants, and more. 

The actual gameplay of 2k22 is very enjoyable. The 2k developers key to making a good game is making the game as balanced as they can. There are no overpowering player builds that make the game unfair or unbalanced.

Many different angles can be taken at making your player. You can make a point guard that can specialize in any part of the game. He can slash and dribble, or shoot and play defense. Every player does what he is designed to do. 

I think 2K is very worth it. I have a lot of fun while playing the NBA 2K franchise. There are people globally that buy a 2k game every year. I will always think every NBA 2K22 is worth it just because of the sheer fun I have with all of my friends.