Valuable lessons learned from new Disney film

The Disney movie Soul introduced a new look on the afterlife. It’s a super cute movie. Although I don’t totally agree with it, I thought it was an interesting outlook. It also taught many life lessons. 

Soul did not seem to have any plot holes. The creators even thought of other cultures. In one early scene, they have some souls speaking their native language. I think it would be good for young children to remember that other people’s souls will go to the same place as their own. 

The soul 22 made the movie. She was a cute and funny character who plays an important role. She had trouble figuring out what her purpose would be on Earth. Once she accidentally made her way to a human body on Earth, she realized the good. 22 wanted to try many foods, like pizza. 

22 taught Joe the purpose of life without even knowing it herself. She did not think or care about what other people thought of her. She just went through her day without thinking, she was just living. Joe could not have learned to just live without 22.

There are little moments in life where your soul leaves your body for a split second. The movie tells us that those moments are important to life but getting stuck in those moments can be dangerous. When someone is not experiencing the moment or the feeling for the moment, they can feel anxiety and depress. To avoid those, someone must look at the little moments in life. 

Soul did not only teach people to live life but it was put in a way that even little kids could understand some of the lessons. The sooner a person starts to live the happier they can and will be. I think it is also a good reminder for older people to remember.