Final four Bachelor contestants

After eliminating Season 25’s notorious bullies, we are left with a promising final four contestants. While I was definitely disappointed to watch some of my favorites leave, I do have confidence that Matt James chose a decent final four. 

Overall, Season 25 has been a roller coaster. From Queen Victoria’s antics to Heather’s surprise entrance, this season has not been easy to watch. One thing that particularly confused me, was the new girls. I know Matt is a catch, and there was a record number of applications for his season, but I don’t understand why the producers thought it was a good idea to introduce new girls so late into the process. Whether it was because of quarantine obstacles, or just to stir things up, it definitely caused its share of drama in the house. 

A few girls that I really hoped to see in the final four are Kit, Abigail, and Katie. Although Kit at the beginning seemed a little stuck up and snobby, the young, fashionable woman really started to grow on me. After seeing her and Matt on their one-on-one, I felt like they’d make a really great pair and Matt really brought out the best in Kit. I also would have loved to see her family as her mother is Cynthia Rowley, a famous fashion designer. Kit left the show on her own because she felt that she was too young and not ready for the commitment that comes with engagement. Secondly, I absolutely love Abigail. Not only did she make history by becoming the first deaf and hard of hearing contestant on the show, but she also quickly melted hearts with her sweet personality. I never felt like she was caused or was a part of any of the drama, and I could tell she genuinely was just there for Matt. From the first night, when she received the first impression rose, it was clear that Abigail was a promising candidate for Matt. Abigail definitely did not receive enough attention in future episodes because Matt apparently forgot about her while exploring other relationships. Finally, we have Katie, the peacekeeper of the season. Katie always stood up for the bullied contestants and often found herself babysitting the other women. Katie seemed to be one of the most mature women on the show and always was herself. She was sent home after her anticlimactic and unromantic one-on-one, leaving fans majorly disappointed. 

Although it was quite the eventful season, we can only hope that the drama and bullying will be left in the past as we head into hometowns. The final four contestants are Michelle, Bri, Racheal, and Serena P. Michelle was one of the new girls who arrived late in the season. She was my favorite of all the new girls and had a very successful one on one date. She seems like a very kind, compassionate woman and is a teacher. Although she seems very compatible with Matt, she is obviously behind because she joined the process so late in the season. Bri, however, has had a lot of time to get to know Matt. She was the first to go on a one on one date, but I honestly have little memory of her. Because she has been so forgettable, I have no idea how well she will do going forward with the process. Serena P. also had one of the first one on one dates. She used to be one of my favorites; however, it seemed like she was not very interested in Matt during their second, more awkward one on one. Finally, we have Racheal. I personally loved Racheal and thought her one on one went really well. Obviously Matt has strong feelings for her because the date was centered around him buying her expensive clothes. Racheal and Matt seemed to have a strong connection and a very promising relationship, but there have been rumors of her making racist content on TikTok. After the rumors started to spread, Chris Harrison made a point to defend her, but quickly was shot down. He said he will be taking time away from the show and will no longer be the host. Whether the allegations are true or not, it really left a bad taste in my mouth, and I am having a hard time looking past it. Since Chris Harrison was so quick to defend her, it’s very likely that she and Matt will end up together. 

As far as predictions go, I believe that Serena will most likely tell Matt she’s lost feelings for him, and Racheal will picked the show. I can only hope that there will be less drama from now on, and we can have a somewhat normal hometowns episode.