Bachelor brings in new girls mid season

After coming off an anticlimactic season of the Bachelorette, I was ready to meet Matt James and the large number of women. James had not ever been on any of The Bachelor franchises, although he was supposed to be on The Bachelorette season of Clare Crawley back in March but was announced as the Bachelor before her season started filming. I was excited to get to know him. So far he has impressed me with his character. I believe he truly wants to find a wife. Although the previous bachelors understood what it was like being in the house and he does not. This has hurt how he deals with drama between the women and sided with the wrong women, in my opinion. 

The women are interesting. James has a stunning group of women. They had some of the most wild entrances, I have ever seen. Most of them seem to be together. Victoria Larson is the “villain” this season. Usually the producers make a villain out of one of the girls but this season they needed no help. Larson should not have passed the psychological test taken to be on the show. She believes everyone is out to get her. Each week she feels someone is going to hurt her relationship with James. One situation there was no footage shown to prove it even happened and the girl was sent home. This is an example of how James has been hurt since he was not ever on the other side of the show. 

Five women joined the show mid way through the season. I personally think they tested positive for COVID-19 before going on the show. It caused a lot of drama. The girls were extremely upset and mean to the new girls. I’m still not sure how I feel about bring in the new girls and the girls in general. Although I now understand why Jimmy Kimbel only picked a top three instead of a top four. I’m interested in seeing how James likes the new girls and how it plays out.