Senior Caleb Land (left) and his brother Kyle hunted in Fort Smith last September and brought home eight ducks, which is the daily limit. Land is an avid hunter and participates in every season.

Passion for the Backwoods

January 14, 2011

"It was about a 450-500 pound Russian Boar—meaner than a razorback and bigger.  This thing saw them,...

Wairungu joins faculty from Kenya

Jasmeet Braich, Reporter

January 10, 2011

“Welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order?” “Yes, can I get some 'chips' please?” “I’m sorry, but we don’t sell chips.” “But, there is a picture right there.” “No sir, those are French fries.” “Oh, that’s what I meant.” Cultural differences and new experiences were found even in the drive-thru...

Boyd teaches English to students in China

Boyd teaches English to students in China

January 7, 2011

While many teachers and faculty spent their Christmas break visiting family, across the country Mr. William...

Families, EAST students honor veterans

Sonya Bounkhong, Tiffany Bounkhong, Jasmeet Braich

December 15, 2010

As Christmas approaches senior Dionne Collins is thankful to be spending this year’s holidays with her father. Dionne can easily recall the feelings of seeing her dad leave for Iraq during her freshman year and she hopes to never experience it again though she knows it will be okay. A surge of hopelessness ran through her...

Lopes-Silva reflects on her past, looks forward

Hannah Blakely, Features Editor

December 14, 2010

Her only memories of her birthplace are the seasons. “I remember how it was warm all year round and the only seasons that existed were rainy and dry,” said senior Jennifer Lopes-Silva.  “I also remember that the civil war was in the late 90s.” Lopes-Silva was born in Guinea-Bissau, Africa and lived there for a...

Hangin’ with Hannah

Hannah Blakely, Features Editor

December 14, 2010

Academia.  That has always been where I have felt most comfortable.  My home sweet home where I could rest and feel safely assured that I would succeed.  I have never felt more sure of myself except in the world of school. This world belonged to me.  While my other sisters succeed in the other areas, school belonged to...

Gay students face criticism, harsh words

Courtney Griffins & Britanee Russell

December 14, 2010

“Do not talk to that girl, she is going to Hell.” The words sting junior Serina Lewallen’s ears as she walks down the hall with her friend.  She has heard the words before-the fiery, hate-filled words of judgement because she is homosexual. Lewallen began expressing her sexual preferences when she was in the ninth...

AP Art student Tristan Thompson, a senior, focuses his theme portfolio on people. His portrait art displays the detailed features of his images. AP Art students present their portfolios in May.

Art students create portfolio for national exam

December 3, 2010

"It's definitely refreshing," said senior Kiersten Anderson.  "I have all these ideas I have to get...

Soccer team writes to Lang. Academy to improve English

November 29, 2010

Junior goalie Emma Gartner enters Coach John Marshall’s classroom with a frown set upon her face.  It had been a rough day due to the lack of sleep she had gotten the previous night. In hope of a letter addressed to her,  she sits downs in a nearby desk waiting for seventh hour soccer to start. Suddenly, the day gets...

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