‘The Buried Life’ gives inspiration at the U of A

March 8, 2011

People crowded into the Union Ballroom at the University of Arkansas on Feb. 28 to see the guys from the hit MTV show, "The Buried Life." Duncan Penn, Ben Nemtin, Dave Lingwood and Jonnie Penn are the...

Just Go With It

Elizabeth Hankins, Entertainment Editor March 1, 2011

Hilarious and inviting are a few simple words to describe "Just Go With It," starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker.  "Just Go With It" is the tale of a Danny (Sandler), a plastic...

Ellie Goulding Review

Hannah Ash, Reporter March 1, 2011

The relatively unknown British pop tycoon of Cherry Tree records is debuting on her first LP, "Lights," March 8. Ellie Goulding's previous EP, "An Introduction to Ellie Goulding," is a preview of her first...

“Bieber Fever”

Sara Lachance, Reporter March 1, 2011

Do you have "Bieber Fever?" "Bieber Fever" is the known saying for loving the one and only Justin Bieber.  On Feb. 21, Bieber tweeted, "Thinking about getting a haircut...hmmmmmm."  Within minutes,...

Student meets famous singers

Sara Lachance, Reporter March 1, 2011

They had just walked off the stage from a rockin' performance.  Sophomore Ethan Wilson's heart was pounding a million beats per minute as he made his way back stage with a V.I.P. pass swinging back and...

I Am Number Four Review

Elizabeth Hankins, Entertainment Editor February 25, 2011

A classic story of aliens on Earth doesn't even began to describe "I Am Number Four".  The movie's action-packed storyline involves Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Dianna Agron and Callan McAuliffe. John...

Wherefore art thou “Gnomeo?”

Sara Lachance, Reporter February 18, 2011

Hundreds of years ago William Shakespeare wrote, "Romeo and Juliet," a story about two star crossed lovers whose fates were sealed with despair.   Now, in 2011, creator Kelly Asbury has taken the...

Zumba dance craze proves to be more than a fad

Hannah Blakely, Features Editor February 16, 2011

Dance is becoming a widespread popular form of exercising.  While learning new steps and having fun, you are burning loads of calories.  Many games have come out to maximize the fun in a competitive...

Cable Car Pizza Introduces New Wildcat Pizza

Sara Lachance, Reporter February 16, 2011

Cable Car Pizza of Fayetteville has introduced a new pizza for a limited time only.  The pizza has toppings of pepperoni, purple onions, bacon, jalapenos, and sausage.  They call it the, “Wildcat”...

Secret Millionaire season 2

Jasmeet Braich, Reporter February 8, 2011

“Secret Millionaire” season two premieres March 6 on ABC. “Secret Millionaire” has a unique concept; every week there is a millionaire who leaves behind his life of luxury to be a part of...

Angus, Julia blend voices in new album

Hannah Blakely, Features Editor January 30, 2011

Angus and Julia Stone, a brother-sister duo from Newport, Australia, first began making music in 2006 when they released their first EP.  Since then, they have put out five EPs and two full albums all...

‘Dear John’ sparks emotions

Britanee Russell, Co-Editor January 30, 2011

A true, honest tale of love is hard to find these days, especially one that includes real trials that a couple goes through.  Dear John by Nicholas Sparks offers just that. The novel is broken up into...

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