Perfectionist by Natalia Kills Review

Recently released is a full-length pop record that doesn’t mention the words “get down,” “put your hands up,” “club,” “DJ.” It doesn’t bring up the subjects of “getting wasted,” “getting ‘down’ on the dance floor,” or contain the never-ending debate of “which seat should I take”?

This record by Natalia Kills finally brings her debut album, Perfectionist, stateside to display that there’s another side to anything and everything. She shows the dark, honest side of every subject which most people choose to overlook.

In production, the album features very electronic, brash bass patterns, realistic sound effects (breaking glass, 911 operators, screams, an axe clanging as it falls to the ground, and gunshot), killer synth lines, punchy percussion, and even the occasional dramatic chime from a church choir to add to the effect. 

Very electronic. And while the the production is very different from most of today’s pop music, it’s not what sets it apart from the rest. 

It’s the lyrics and message (not so) hidden in them.  In every song published on this album, everyone should be able to pick out something they can relate to to. Unfortunately the themes are not going to be positive. They are going to be true; tough love.

Tracks like “Heaven,” “If I Was God,” “Love is a Suicide,” and “Wonderland” include lyrics which contain a dose of reality many people need to hear.

Despite being compared to other artist such as Lady Gaga, Natalia Kills has her creativity and work cut out for her.  The whole idea that she is trying to present behind Perfectionist is that perfection is really over-rated, and that it only goes as far as we believe it exists.