Coach Strok adds spirit, spike to the game

Justin Dhaliwal, Reporter

September 27, 2012

Singing, yelling, and firing up the student section are a few attributes Christopher Strok brings to the court. The new assistant volleyball coach for the Lady Wildcat played men’s volleyball at Western Michigan University prior to this job. “I feel like my style of coaching compliments Coach Jones,” said Coach Strok....

Fire Island Grill brings in the catch

Ethan Wilson, Managing Editor

September 25, 2012

When I first heard that Fire Island Grill was located on the edge of Tonitown, I immediately expected a restaurant that would somehow be a combination of a flea market and Olive Garden.  Also, all of the servers would be members of the Pianalto family. Think, an Italian Cracker Barrell. Seriously though, that wasn’t the...

New Swift single benefits cancer

Becca Fletcher, Features Editor

September 13, 2012

Even if you are not a fan of Taylor Swift, you will fall in love with her latest single “Ronan.” Swift released “Ronan” Sept. 7 with all the proceeds going to cancer charities via the Taylor Swift Charitable Fund. This soft ballad is about a little boy named Ronan who passed away from cancer one year ago and...

Snowcone hot spots

Sara Lachance, Features Editor

May 11, 2012

Over the past few summers, snow cone stands have started to appear all over NWA. If you’re wondering which one you should give your summer money to, read these quick bios over each snow cone stand! Shave the Planet: With two locations in Springdale, Shave the Planet offers tons of flavors at a minimum price of two dollars...

Bleu Monkey Grill review

Sara Lachance, Features Editor

May 11, 2012

Over Spring Break during the 2011-12 school year, a new restaurant arrived to town called Bleu Monkey Grill. This eatery serves all kinds of food ranging from Cajun to Italian to seafood and more. On my travels to Bleu Monkey Grill, I found the location difficult to reach. It is very close to the highway and during five o’clock...

Students search for familiar faces on WSCO App

Spencer Jones

May 4, 2012

The morning after Prom, junior Alex Rice rushed to check to "Washington County Sheriff's Office" app on his iPhone, wondering if he would see one of his schoolmates' mugshot under the Detention Center section. "I check it to see if anyone I know has been put behind bars," said Rice. "I also hope they have a crazy arrest...

‘Titanic’ not made for 3D

Elizabeth Hankins, Editor

May 2, 2012

As the opening shots of Titanic 3D fail to soar out at me, I lean over and whisper, "Did you know James Cameron had to build a deep sea camera just for this movie? It could only record up to an hour of footage though." I couldn't help but be excited as my favorite movie was re-appearing in theaters again. I even convinced...

Zombies Run!!

April 5, 2012

As English teacher Katy Moore jogs up the hill in the empty neighborhood, Alice the Zombie prepares to attack. The sounds of the zombie approach filters through Mrs. Moore's ear buds from her iPhone. Zombies, Run is an app that makes Mrs. Moore sprint for her life. “I’m telling you Alice almost got me.  I thought I was...

The Hunger Games Review

Anna Moore, Reporter

April 4, 2012

Millions of “The Hunger Games” trilogy fans have combed through every page, drank in every word, and dreamt of the day when “The Hunger Games” would become a movie. On March 23, “The Hunger Games” fans got exactly what they wanted. Here’s how it goes: twelve Districts and two tributes from each district ranging...

Tanning Tips

Stefani O'Barr

April 3, 2012

Outside Tanning: - Before tanning know the kind of skin you have (fair/dark, tan easily/burn easily). - Protect your eyes from the UV rays; wear sunglasses. - According to “Lifestyle," you should moisturize your skin for a lasting tan outside before applying the tanning lotion. - Apply tanning oil or lotions to...

Shooting experience shakes me

Stefani O'Barr

March 30, 2012

Saturday I had the scariest experience of shooting a 9 mm gun at the shooting range in Springdale. As soon as I walked into the range, I had to put the headphones on because it was SO loud. I also had goggles just in case one of the bullet shells came back and hit me in the eye. So to make me even more scared, my dad just...

Spring Fashion trends for 2012

Sara Lachance, Features Editor

March 29, 2012

Spring 2012 has arrived and along with it comes the new trends that will set the tone for the following year. This means most girls are ready to trade out their black boots and wools for some pastels and pumps. This year, stores are stocking their racks with bright colors, pastels, florals, color blocking, and much more. Bright...

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