Google creates unreal invention

Have you ever thought about living in the future? Do you wish that you could use the cool inventions that they use?  Well, your time is now with the new Google glass.

It comes out in 2014 as probably one of the coolest inventions. These will be known as the Explorer Edition.  The creators have been working on this invention for almost two and a half years. 

Imagine your smart phone in your top right corner of your eye.  It is just like a pair of glasses, without the lenses.  One thing they are working on is that it is compatible with prescription glasses.

There are some upsides to this product.  It is a step into the future of technology.  In this product it features the ability to record video, take pictures, searches the web, voice activation, speaker, and different sensors (Gyroscope, Astrometry, Compass). 

To scroll through all these features you can use the side as a touch screen to move forward and back.  Have you ever thought that man I wish that I had my camera.  With the Glass you can capture the picture right then and there.  It can access information quickly from the Internet.  

Without being preoccupied in an activity you can search how fast you are going or any information.  The frame is very lightweight and weights less than most sunglasses.  When you take photos and videos with the Glass you are seeing everything in the first person.

There are some dislikes as well.  This new product is only compatible with androids.  It could also bring big competition to come up with other cool innovations with other big business such as apple.  The fact that it only covers only a little box in the top right corner of your eye but the frame is like regular glasses and goes across your face.  For many the price is not going to be affordable.  It comes with the steep price of $1,500.

In my opinion I think it is a good idea and a step into the future.  With its downfalls, they may not be a lot but they are really major.  I have been in a situation where I really needed to take a quick picture to capture the moment, but now that we have the technology to it is going to be the best invention ever made. 

I know that in 2014 I will be watching for the release date and purchasing a pair of these “back to the future” glasses.