Semi Precious Weapons – Aviation High: Review

Semi Precious Weapons ends their brief hiatus after touring with Lady Gaga and supporting their debut album “You Love You” with the release of a brand new single, “Aviation High.”

While their older stuff seemed to rely too much on the in-your-face attitude that comes with glam rock to supercharge their music into something worth listening too, this new song just brings new elements to the table of their career.

The band seems to have temporarily ditched their 70s/80s-era front to dive down into something more grunge yet alive.

The repetition of the lyrics “we’re alive, alive” over the dark instrumentation somehow pulls off an illuminating aura that keeps reeling me back in for more. And while I promised myself that I would only listen to it for a couple of hours, here I am on day two of looped play with “Aviation High.”