25 things to do before graduating high school

In the 25 school days left before graduation, take time to do a few of these 25 things that should be on every high school student’s bucket list.
  1. Visit the roof.
  2. Put Microsoft Office software on your computer.
  3. Start a conga line in the rotunda.
  4. Ask or get asked to prom in a cute way
  5. Go to senior prom.
  6. Get into college.
  7. Apply for scholarships.
  8. Find a high school sweetheart.
  9. Drop Skittles into someone’s mouth off the Rotunda.
  10. Start a sing-along in the hallway during a passing period.
  11. Make a plan for your future.
  12. Learn to cook, clean, and do laundry.
  13. Write a letter to yourself to read in ten years.
  14. See the school musical review.
  15. Have a giant dance party during lunch.
  16. Get all of the seniors out of class for a day to play hide and seek.
  17. Have a day devoted to being a kid again.
  18. Volunteer somewhere.
  19. Find out how many licks it actually takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
  20. Speak in an accent all day.
  21. Make friends with your enemies before it’s too late.
  22. Go and support a sports team at a game.
  23. Take senior pictures.
  24. Send graduation announcements to family members.
  25. GRADUATE!!