Christmas before Thanksgiving is too soon

Becca Fletcher, Entertainment Editor

November 18, 2011

Walking into a store now you might see Christmas decorations right away to hear Christmas music being played over their sound system. You see clothes, accessories, and so much more stuff with green and red or Christmas themed prints. Many people may be excited seeing this stuff because it means Christmas is almost here, but...

Where’s Wallace??

Alexiss Scott, News Editor

November 18, 2011

Lately at Friday night football games, a special appearance has been made by the mascot, Wallace the Wildcat. These past few Fridays, students and teachers have had to rush around to find someone to play the role for the night. This shouldn’t be a hassle; it should be a fun activity for those involved. With each game, comes...

Night school canceled due to low enrollment

Heather Bowman, Reporter

November 17, 2011

Springdale School District has provided its students with every possible opportunity to get a diploma. Night school is just one of the many ways students can recover needed credits to graduate. Due to only one student enrolling for this late night study, night school has been cancelled. According to counselor Colleen...

Justin Bieber: role model or not?

Alexiss Scott, News Editor

November 15, 2011

Millions of screaming girls everywhere and loud music could only mean one thing. Justin Bieber. The still rising musician managed to sell out Madison Square Gardens in 22 minutes. Although impressive, the 17-year-old couldn't be more aggravating. Many young girls scream when they hear his name or see a poster of him, making...

My Crime Show Obsession

Kelsey Scroggins

November 14, 2011

Every time I open the t.v. guide, all the crime shows catch my eye.  Over the course of this year, my obsession with crime shows has grown.  For some reason crime shows give me a false sense of security, knowing that the bad guys have gone away and citizens can sleep safely. Crime shows tend to exaggerate how the justice...

No height requirement for success

Jacob Taylor, Reporter

November 11, 2011

What's wrong with being "short? There is no height requirement to have a successful and fun life. Those who are vertically challenged are just as good if not better  than "tall" or "average" height people in any aspect of everyday life.  When people make fun of "short" people, it does not make them any cooler.  Making...

Politics on TV broadcasts candidates’ flaws

Seth Carney, Reporter

November 4, 2011

"No, there was a settlement made," said Herman Cain, a Republican nominee hopeful. Before, NBC said people thought of him as a straight-shooter(someone who does not change his or her story).  But of course, it was too good to be true.  We thought he could with-stand anything.  Since he has been accused of being too "touchy,"...

Words I Couldn’t Say

Lindsay Will, Reporter

November 4, 2011

I remember laying in bed at night as a little girl with so many questions on my mind.  There were so many things going on around me in this big mysterious world.  I was 9 and had just began taking guitar lessons and discovering my love for music. At times, I was a shy kid and didn't always speak my mind.  There were so...

Bacon: a real man’s food

Trevor Proctor, Reporter

November 4, 2011

Bacon. So glorious and juicy. All bits of greasy beauty laying on the pan, sizzling into perfection. Piece by piece the bacon strips turn into a bacon weave. You can't have too much bacon. When you don't know what else you want, use more bacon! The sweet aroma fills your nose leaving you stunned...not really, but maybe salivating....

Escape the world for 72 hours

Lexi Nordin, Reporter

November 3, 2011

I sat on the firm, cold bus seat with my headphones in, and my eyes fixed on the colored trees flying past my window.  Well...that's where I was physically at least.  Mentally, it seemed as if I were in a thousand different places all at once.  I couldn't finish a single thought before something else interrupted and held...

Students have limited WiFi access

Blair Breazeale, Reporter

November 3, 2011

Har-Ber High School is currently lacking student Wi-Fi.  All the Wi-Fi connections are locked with advanced WPA passcodes, and blocking all students from internet ussage on campus.  Therefore depriving all students from Facebook, Words With Friends, Pandora Radio, and most importantly, Twitter. Some may say the biggest...

LGBT supporting organizations propose bill to congress

Ethan Wilson, Reporter

November 3, 2011

One of the biggest and most recent problems in schools today is the issue with LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered) bullying and the laws that are to be implemented to protect these students from being socially attacked by their peers. Now, laws are being passed and making their ways around the US. Many LGBT supporting...

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