Maggie Rutledge crowned Miss HBHS

Maggie Rutledge crowned Miss HBHS

February 25, 2011

The sound of hissing from a can of hairspray can be heard from afar in a buzzing salon early in the morning,...

Lab experiment tests genetics

Linda Saypharath, reporter

February 18, 2011

AP Biology students took the understanding of  genetics to a new level Feb. 17, while conducting a experiment with a non harmful form of E. Coli bateria cells that Mrs. Hendrycy had purchased for her students. Students inserted bioluminescent jellyfish (Aequorea victoria) DNA that gives off a green fluorescent light when...

Photo by Bryant Penzo

Two men injured in plane crash

February 17, 2011

Sunday, February 13, a red and white Cessna crashed on the Jones Center lawn. According to NWAo...

Community honors Don Tyson

Tiffany Bounkhong, Co-Editor

February 17, 2011

Former chairman of the Board and CEO of Tyson Foods, Donald "Don" John Tyson, passed away Jan. 6. Friends, co-workers, relatives and loved ones gathered Feb. 3 at the Pat Walker Theater at Springdale High School to celebrate Tyson's life. Tyson is one of the three names that helped turn Northwest Arkansas into the place...

Senior Trent Wallis' truck gets buried under more than 20 inches of snow that fell upon Northwest Arkansas Feb. 9. Photo by Trent Wallis

Snow days pose problem

February 17, 2011

Students, parents, and teachers all anxiously watched local news channels on Feb. 4. All across Northwest...

Entertainment Showcase honors Micayla Patterson

Tiffany Bounkhong, Co-Editor

February 17, 2011

On Jan. 29 over 1,000 students, faculty, and community members gathered in the Performing Arts Center for an event hosted by Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It was an event that showcased many talented people. It was The First Annual Micayla Patterson Entertainment Showcase. The showcase was held to honor and celebrate...

Pre-Cal presents projects

Hannah Ash, Reporter

February 16, 2011

Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry students in Mrs. Phyllis Weis' classes worked all week on a project showing the graphs of sine and cosine functions using uncooked spaghetti noodles.  However, the project did have a twist: upon completion, students were to present to a class and a teacher of their choosing who was not Mrs....

Facebook to shutdown March 15th?

Joseph Jordan, News Editor

February 4, 2011

Shocked? You're not the only one.  This news caught millions of people off guard, after the now confirmed FALSE rumour went viral on the internet. The hoax was started by, and the rumours it started, continue to circulate. According to an article by J.B Smitts posted to the website January 9th, Mark...

TV moves to Channel 219

Elizabeth Hankins, Entertainment Editor

January 30, 2011

News and shows and films, oh my. The television productions class has gone through some changes, advancing the students' skill with cameras and computers. Television adviser Trent Jones has switched Channel 14 to Channel 219 on Cox Communications and now airs on Channel 3 during school hours. Originally Mr. Jones decided...

Students enjoy snow days

Jasmeet Braich, Reporter

January 30, 2011

Everyone has their definition of a perfect snow day. Maybe it’s spending quality time with one's family or just reading a good book while sipping on hot chocolate. For sophomores Blake Taylor and Zac DeShazo just being as bizarre as possible is the perfect way to enjoy a snow day. Taylor and DeShazo were visiting some...

Sophomore lands spot in All-Region Band

Sara Lachance, Reporter

January 30, 2011

He thinks back to his tryout, feeling confident about how he played.  After a few hours, the list is finally posted.  Jason Potts eyes the list to find out that he made first band second chair, an amazing accomplishment for a sophomore. "I flipped out when I found out," said Potts. "It was pretty surprising." Potts plays...

Rainey’s students teach Spanish to Smith Elementary students

Sara Lachance, Reporter

January 30, 2011

Little kids are unpredictable, crazy, but also hilarious.  Mrs. Ellen Rainey's Spanish classes have experienced all of these.  Each  Wednesday, her students travel to T.G. Smith Elementary School during their third period to teach first and second graders basic Spanish.  So far, the elementary students have learned...

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