Chemistry teachers fire up students for Halloween

On Friday, Chemistry students walked into their classrooms thinking it was going to just be the average day in chemistry, oblivious to what the lesson would be.

“When we first got there, they said our teacher was busy and that she wasn’t going to be able to take roll that day,” said senior Jaime Garcia.

Students were in for a big surprise, as they were ushered into the lab that had recently been decked out in skeletons and Halloween lights, giving it a dark and creepy feeling. There they would find Mrs. Brandy Wise and Mrs. Lael Lynch dressed up as witches.

“They where dressed up and really playing the character,” said senior Miriam Mercado. “Mrs. Wise got really into the character! She was screaming, talking, and even walking like a witch.”

The more popular and explosive side of chemistry that comes to mind was about to come into focus.

“Next thing I know, there was fire shooting out of a pumpkin, and she was, like, using candles to shoot out different colors,” said junior Bailey Sims.

The intensity of that day’s lesson hadn’t climaxed yet.

“There was a gallon bucket of alcohol, and they just threw a match in it. It blew up and flames spewed out of the top,” said Mercado. “It was really exciting when that happened because all of the lights where off and that just completely lit up the room. Another cool thing they did was add two chemicals together that made it bubble up like crazy!”

All of the students reported that they had fun and really enjoyed getting to see this side of chemistry since it wasn’t the normal day to day practice of solving formulas and learning about the periodic table.

“Seeing all of these explosions kind of made me want to be a chemist. I like to see things blow up,” said Sims.

With the creepy Halloween music going on in the background, it’s no surprise that a couple of people’s reactions where priceless.

“The biggest highlight of that class was that there was a skeleton that would talk.  Some unsuspecting girl must have gotten in front of it at some point, because at some point I heard the skeleton go off and the next thing I hear is ‘I’M ABOUT TO PEE MY PANTS!’” said Garcia.