Your New Quarantine Queue

Disregarding the title, Niall Horan’s new album, “Heartbreak Weather” has been the sanguine music to this depressing quarantine. Niall Horan has stepped out of his hopeless romantic box with this album. Although the album still has tastes of the old, slow Niall Horan, it is full of energy and high spirits. 

The album is like a box of chocolates abounding with various sounds and vibes. There are songs for a hard break up, such as “Still.” Along with that, there are songs for screaming in the car with your friends, such as, “Everywhere.” Claiming number 24 on the leader board, “Nice to Meet Ya” has become the most popular song of the album. However, “Cross Your Mind” is definitely the underdog and deserves a spot on the leaderboard. I recommend this song if you need some positive energy to stay motivated during online school.

 Like many teens, I have a “crying playlist” for tough days. After hearing “Heartbreak Weather,” Niall Horan has recently made some appearances on my playlist. “Put A Little Love On Me” is the perfect song for a rainy day when nothing seems to be going right. Another song is “Dear Patience.” If this online school is turning you into the epitome of an anxious mess like me, this song is perfect for you.

Niall Horan rocked his fans worlds with this new album. Horan has stepped away from his comfort zone of slow, melancholy piano and into a new theme of upbeat, dancing music. He wow’d America once again and the country is all for it. Overall, the album is the perfect mix of different moods and I highly recommend it for all ages and genders.