Mean Girls: a review

“Mean Girls” is not only a hilarious book written by Rosalind Wiseman, and a classic screenplay written by Tina Fey, but is now a phenomenal Broadway play. Filled with great musical numbers and humorous scenes, it portrays a great message of being true to yourself.

While on a trip to New York, I had the privilege to watch this great play on Broadway. In complete honesty, I’m not a big musical person or just even a theater person, so I was very skeptical going into the play. Worried that the film that we all know and love would be ruined by cheesy music numbers and off-key actors, I was expecting the worse. Boy was I wrong.

Out of all the plays I have seen, Mean Girls, was the best by far. The storyline remains true to the screenplay but adds even more humor as the actors that were selected go above and beyond in their part. The musical numbers seemed as though they were supposed to be there. The infamous Regina George is seen even more as a diva as she struts in glitter-filled clothes and belts beautiful riffs in each song she sings.

The set was genius and portrayed the everyday high school that we’re all so used to. Nothing was extremely cheesy unless it was on purpose for humor, making it all the funnier. While the play was slightly inappropriate, it was a great recreation of the original. The audience felt sorry for Cady, and fell in love with Aaron Samuels, just like the screenplay.

I found no flaws in the performance. Truly captivating, with great vocalists that nailed their every cue, and just a great overall play.