“disappear” into bad suns second album

Malorie Wiederkehr, Review Editor

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It’s a Friday and the final bell has just rang, releasing hundreds of relieved students into the parking lot. As I get into the car I immediately reach for the aux cord, knowing exactly what album I will be playing through the speakers. What album is that? Disappear Here, the latest album release from Bad Suns.

The alternative/indie band originates from California. Disappear Here made its debut in late 2016, second to their first album, Language & Perspective. Personally, I do not think Disappear Here lives up to the richness of their first release. While the album is great to sing along to while going for an innocent drive, Language & Perspective hits home by reaching out to all of my heart strings.

The album, Disappear Here, has the perfect even mix of pleasingly upbeat sounds and more slow, emotional notes. The album art has an already inviting blue color with a woman facedown on a bed under the sheets. Each of the thirteen tracks on the album tell their own story through the melodic vocals of frontman, Christo Bowman, accompanied by three other band members, Gavin Bennett, Miles Morris and Ray Libby.

The album consists of songs that recognize both the highlights and lowlights of living. Bowman tells stories from “Heartbreak” to song about being on the “Outskirts of Paradise, “ through his sweet and bitter lyrics. His words are relatable and the satisfying sounds that are derived from the instruments being played unite in creating a successful album that tells many truths of the world.

Bad Suns is the ideal band to blast through your car speakers while taking a weekend road trip with quality snacks for the drive. Disappear Here meets all of my alternative/indie rock needs without weakening my desire to listen to the album after going through all of the tracks repeatedly.

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“disappear” into bad suns second album