Capitol riot should not be debated

There shouldn’t have to be different opinions on the capitol riot. This shouldn’t have to be a topic being debated across the entire nation. This shouldn’t be a matter of a political party. This Capitol Riot should not have happened, point-blank. Regardless of your political leanings, your religious stance, or your personal morals, how does an election lead to the domestic terrorism of our nation’s capital?

The only way I can even begin to understand someone justifying breaching the capital is to take all knowledge I have learned from high school about our government and democracy and throw it out the window. This is truly an embarrassing period for our country, one to be written about in text books for years to come.

As my phone began to blow up with news alerts Jan. 6 about Vice-President Mike Pence being taken out of the White House and rioters heading towards the Capitol, I could think one thing, why now? The reason for rioting was to show the United States that President Donald Trump isn’t leaving office without a fight if I’m not mistaken.  I begin to question if this Stop the Steal movement is even about their “civil rights” being taken away, or simply to keep Trump in power. I know they go hand in hand in most people’s minds, but I really fail to find the direct link.

I also begin to wonder if they want to change the voting process, then why aren’t they voting for it. We have legislation that amends the voting system; it just has to be passed. So why, instead of tearing the country apart, don’t we come together to make the system work for everyone? After all, what this country wants is true. We all want truth and unity, yet we act like babies when it comes to compromise.