Spirit week themes should celebrate school’s diverse population

Spirit week for me means fun, creativity, and just a week to express yourself. Throughout the years of spirit week, I noticed that the themes are becoming very repetitive and outdated. 

Repeating themes becomes boring over time, leaving less students wanting to participate. New, more creative themes that students feel comfortable enough wearing to school must be made. Although spirit week themes are planned with good intentions, it is also important to make all students feel included each day. 

Themes such as pajamas and hat day have new limitations this year. Due to the new dress code allowing students to wear hats, there’s really no point of having hat day as a theme. The same goes for pajama day, they’re already worn to school as everyday wear, so there is nothing exciting about wearing them for a spirit day. Mismatching sock day, be honest, when was the last time you looked at someone’s socks? These themes are just old and basic.

Some ideas like Hawaiian day can be misinterpreted. The lei you wear around their necks for Hawaiian day symbolizes celebration, honor, and greeting, which is why it’s supposed to be given to you. Instead of wearing grass skirts and coconut bras which mock Hawaiian culture, it is more appropriate to stick to the original “Hawaiian” shirt paired with khakis. You could also tie a lavalava around your waist and place a flower on your ear. Plan your Hawaiian day outfit appropriately and try not to dress in a mockery way.

New ideas and bringing back themes from elementary school would bring so many memories and laughs. For example, a perfect hair day theme would be a good option because it gives an opportunity for students of cultures that hair plays a large role in to have their moment. 

It can be interpreted differently by the diverse population of our school without mocking a certain culture. Bling day is also a good idea because students would get a chance to show off their most blinged-out version of themselves in their own individual styles.. 

As for anything but a backpack day, the idea is old, but the school hasn’t done it. This theme is so unique, that students would get excited about putting extra effort into spirit week. Spirit week at our school should include more themes  that will make everybody participate and not feel excluded. 

The week should be fun, accessible, celebrate the diversity of our school, it and shouldn’t leave room for offensive interpretations.