The death penalty is an outdated practice that should be abolished

A very controversial topic that continues to spark a conversation is death row. Should the death penalty even be an option? It is hard for me to say people like Ted Bundy or Nicholaus Cruz deserve life after taking so many innocent ones, but why do people like them get the easy way out? A quick death seems to be 10x easier than spending the rest of your life in prison. 

That is why I believe there should be an alternative to the death penalty. I think instead of being put to death, they should be put into an isolated maximum security prison where they have to work jobs in prison. The money they make will go straight to the families of the victims who were affected by the crime they committed.

I also think that by providing a death penalty we’re sending the wrong message to those committing crimes. To us, the death penalty is scary, but to those who brutally murder innocent people, death seems like the easiest option. They shouldn’t get the “easy” way out after committing these heinous crimes. They should have to be isolated from the rest of the world.

On the other side of the death penalty, there are people who are sentenced and truly don’t deserve death. There have been more than a large handful of people who have been executed after being convicted on false charges. Another reason we should get rid of this horrible practice is because we have been executing people for hundreds of years, and I think as a country we should have evolved by now.

Overall, there is no good or positive outcome of the death penalty and it should be removed from our country’s law. It has been a discussion for years now, but it is time we finally do something about it.