Christmas provides much needed joy for 2020

In a study conducted by ABC News, American depression cases have almost tripled as a result of the pandemic. Since March, our country has been caught up in depressing hysteria of the dear virus. The pandemic has drained our country of the pure joys of being human. It drained high schools of graduations. It drained basketball players of their season. It postponed weddings. The list goes on. However, COVID-19 fails to cancel holidays. Regardless the situation, Christmas will always be on December 25th, with or without masks.

Christmas has always been a holiday of joy and excitement. The bliss of the holiday season should not be something to be ashamed of. Therefore, I encourage everyone to put up their christmas tree before Thanksgiving. If you are usually totally against early christmas, let your guard down. This has been a tough year for many people. Everyone could use a little happiness. 

In years prior to the disastrous monster, 2020, I’ve been hesitant to putting up my tree too early. However, this year has sucked and putting my tree up early has given me so much serotonin that I have lacked the previous 10 months. That may sound silly. I mean, it’s just a tree. To me, it’s a reminder of the hope that we still have in holidays. 

Not only has my tree been up since November 10th, but I’ve been jamming to Justin Bieber’s Christmas music since October. Whether you’re a Frank Sinatra Christmas music fan or a Ariana Grande Christmas music fan, the sound of the holidays should put everyone in a good mood. Unless you hate Christmas as a whole. In that case, there’s nothing I can do to convince you.

Christmas music is the epitome of stress relief. This year has been extremely stressful for the seniors. With scholarship applications loading up and the preparation for college underway, overwhelmed is an understatement. To relieve my anxiety, I just pop on the Pop Christmas playlist and finish my homework. You can’t go wrong with a little Mistletoe by Justin Bieber playing while working on applications. 

This year is the year everyone should allow themselves an early start on Christmas decor to boost their spirits. Based off the mess of a year we had, an early Christmas is exactly what we need.