Tips for Valentine’s Day from a female’s perspective

It’s about that time a year when love is in the air. Valentine’s day is coming up soon guys and it’s essential that you guys make it great for your special lady. Now fellas not every girl wants the same thing. So that tired old box of chocolates, a bear, and a rose won’t work this time. We are at a new age where women want 6ft bears and bouquets.

We can no longer get away with that elementary school valentines card deal. We are highschool kids. So I know not all of us have jobs so most of us work on a budget. You don’t always have to be over the top when it comes to Valentine’s day. It’s all about meaningful gifts guys.

We are now in a generation where reality is shifted and we tend to question what’s real. It’s very crucial that you make sure that your woman feels secure. Now everyone is different and so is every relationship which is why it’s not possible for you to treat them the same. Now for our more private couples just spending the day together is special, it just gives a sense of security over the whole relationship. If you would like to get her something significant then that’s all the more better.

It’s all up to your relationship and what means the most to the two of you. For the more “out there” couples. This is what you need to do. Class is in session men, if you don’t already know then you better get to studying your women. Her likes,dislikes, wants, hopes, & dreams,etc. If you pay hard enough attention you might catch the hints I guarantee she will be throwing out there for you.

When you have enough data look to your relationship. What moments, songs, movies, etc do you both love. This is where most mess up. You can buy a girl what she wants anytime , but Valentine’s day is about celebrating you both and what yall stand for which where the meaningfulness comes in.  After you have all of that you can get to the physical stuff.

Now for the second step, get out your wallet gentlemen it’s shopping time. Look at what you’ve gathered about you and your girl. When in the store, think about all the info you came up with and start searching for the main component of your gift. It could be anything, that giant bear or a necklace, basically something you know your honey bunches will love.

When you have that, get to getting the small miscellaneous things that just make the day all the better. These objects could compose of flowers, chocolates, anything in this range. Don’t forget to get the gift bag or box what everworks for you. The aesthetic does matter. On to the last step, preparation and presentation. You have everything that you need it’s now time for putting it all together.

Now I know boys kinda suck at this part. You know making things “pretty” but it’s as easy as pie. So place everything in the bag or whatever you bought. Stuff with tissue paper and hearts, things of that sort.Now set that bag somewhere safe for the special moment that’s to come. On to the best part, how your going to reveal your gift. Now this can be done in many ways. You have the basic “hand her the gift and receive and hug and kiss whatever” or “you can get a little jazzy with it start with a good morning paragraph with all the lovey dovey emojis included.”

We girls like that for some reason. This will lead up to the moment of you giving her the gift in a special that means the most to you both and add a little pizzazz. Now the rest is for you and your cupcake to decide.  Now that was for the newer couples.

For you who have been getting your groove on for a longer period of time I have some more complex ideas for you. An oldie but always a godie is a romantic date. I can tell you all now that every girl no matter what they say wants to get dressed up and go on a romantic date.

It makes them feel even more special than they already are. Another that could be meaningful is matching sets of something. You got shirts, necklaces, shoes, whatever works. What I’m saying here is bascially be a little more extravegent with your gifts. Now men this is a little insight to what you should do for that special lady in your life, take this information and use it very wisely.