Truth versus Happiness

Is it more important to protect one's position or for the truth to be revealed?

In a world filtered by social media, often we hunger for truth and honesty. However, it is questioned whether or not we are to protect the feelings of those whom is target of the words.

As children we grow hidden in the darkness of ignorance but when the light of truth is revealed, a new age is brought about. Within this new age, a hunger for knowledge and understanding is developed.

Although the truth is often hidden for one’s well being it comes into question whether or not to keep it secrete or sacrifice oneself for the greater good. It is a similar question to that which is often asked, would you kill the person you love most to save thousands. The question may be one of an exaggeration, the point is still valid: would you sacrifice your own well being for the greater good.

It is more important to hold to the truth and the justice that comes with it even if it means sacrificing your own position or power. The truth is decided by the actions of those put in situations. Truth may not always be pretty but it is clear, or at least it should be. Decisions are made and have to be lived with. You cannot change the past but you can change the future. Be something and someone better.

There is a fine line between fighting for the truth and protecting one’s well being, but where does the line dissolve? Justice and the rights and futures of those who are hurt by those in power. Things that should never be compromised for solely to please another.