Digital ID’s?

Did you know that if you’re pulled over while on the street by an officer of the law, if you do not have your license with you then all you have to  do is display to the officer a picture of your license that clearly states who you are and that you are driving legally? This digital copy can serve as a convenient substitute for not having your actual license on your person. I bet that you also didn’t know that Har-Ber also abides by these very same principals.

If caught in the hallways by an administrator without your ID, all you must do is present them with a picture on your phone with your ID clearly displayed on it. However, unlike the pull over incident, the administration of Har-Ber High School will still hold you accountable and responsible for you not actually having your ID, which means that even though you may have presented them with clear evidence that you are a student of the school, you are still going to be punished for not having your ID.

The punishment could be anything from x amount of days in Detention to Saturday School. Which raises the question: why even provide students with the idea to take a picture of the ID when they’ll still be met with punishment after? It just seems lazy and not very well thought out. Without rules and proper establishment of that system then who’s to say that lanyards will even be necessary anymore? Why can’t every student just walk around with a picture of their ID on their phone? How many times can a student present the digital ID before it just becomes an overused excuse? The whole idea just seems rather flawed and not very well thought out.