Baker Mayfield on a disappointing path

Oklahoma quarterback needs to “humble himself”

Halle Roberts, Editor

With a total of 4,627 total passing yards, 43 passing touchdowns, and winner of the Heisman this past college football season, Oklahoma Sooner quarterback Baker Mayfield has made quite the name for himself. Leading the Sooners to the college playoffs, Mayfield went through a series of controversy. As a star on one of the best college football teams in the country, it’s easy to become distracted and allow fame to go to one’s head. Any young man would feel the pressure and temptations if placed in his position, but I believe that Mayfield became carried away throughout his career. In the November 18th game against the Kansas Jayhawks, (after leading 28-3) Mayfield grabbed himself and mouthed curse words to the Jayhawks sidelines. Although the game of college football is full of competitiveness, there is absolutely no need for that kind of attitude. Mayfield goes back on his action and apologizes saying, “I got caught up in a competitive game.” Despite the fact the atmosphere in any college game is intense, there is no need. Early in the morning of February 25th in Fayetteville Arkansas, Mayfield was arrested and charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and fleeing and resisting arrest. Not the best of occurrences for a student athlete in the spotlight. I feel as if Mayfield is following the footsteps of former college football star Johnny Manziel, or “Johnny Football”. Hopefully, Mayfield won’t have the disappointing career as Manziel did, but the way he carries himself seems to be similar. Manziel was hot pick out of college, but soon his career went down the gutter with self destructive behavior. If he doesn’t “humble himself” Mayfield could see himself down the same disappointing path.