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Hunter Cloud, Sports Editor

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Each day I glance over at the clock, the minutes tick off faster than before, and there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop it.

My career as a highschool student started with the clock as I raced against it each day trying to improve my running abilities. I traveled to Dallas, St. Louis, Memphis, and Colorado to compete in races and spend time with team mates.

Each second was precious I learned as I drove to school one normal friday morning. Only to walk away from a broken car and heart. My first car was gone in a matter of seconds, and yet it allowed me to have more time.

The last cross country race as I sprinted to the finish line I had crossed for 5 years in a row, and yet come up 20 seconds short of a personal record. I teared up a little as I walked away from the sport that was a part of me glancing one last time at the clock.

I got my first job at Malco where the clock ruled my life, my energy, and my hope for an end to work. Second semester started and my schedule changed to hours spent on the soccer field ensuring that I managed the team to the best of my ability.

It was after a Central Little Rock soccer game that I got a message that probably took seconds to type out and send. However that time was so precious as now it has turned to hours spent with someone.

Now I’m just days away from the rest of my life, and while my time here is winding down, the clock of the rest of my life is just getting wound up before it too begins to tick down.

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