Students opinions on gun laws

Will Crotts, Reporter

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Every other weekend, junior Caden Davenport heads to the gun range to practice his aim. Davenport does not support strict gun laws, as his family owns multiple guns and shoots them often. Donald Trump’s unwavering support of the second amendment means that big changes to gun laws may be to come. Donald Trump advocates for less strict gun laws and citizens being able to protect themselves. He also wants to get dangerous people off the street to keep crime low.

“I don’t think the current gun laws should change. The biggest cause of gun violence is illegal gun purchases and people blame guns way too often for gun violence,” Davenport said.

Trump believes that the key to ending gun violence in America is arming law abiding citizens and allowing nationwide concealed carry permits. He wants citizens to feel safe and confident, knowing that they can protect themselves in their own country.

“I think that no guns should be allowed. People shouldn’t be allowed to have guns at all. The amount of restrictions we already have on them is a lot but there should be more. People who own guns say that it’s “our second amendment right” and that’s in the past. We’re not living in a time where some country is going to come and invade us,” junior Isaac Antony said.

These issues reside deeply in the hearts of many southern Americans as gun laws are less strict in states like Arkansas. As hunting and recreational shooting is much more popular than in other states, families are more exposed to guns in Arkansas.

“I’d say I side more with Donald Trump as I’m a strong supporter of the second amendment. If anything should change, it should only be stricter background checks,” senior Alec Bordeaux said.

Trump is now president-elect of the united states and his gun laws have a real possibility to become law. Republicans now have a majority in the house and senate, making it even more realistic than ever for these ideas to become law. Not everyone may agree with Trump and his plans, but as a nation we have to face his propositions maturely and as a true possibility to consider.

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Students opinions on gun laws