Trump gets Trumped

Kirsi Grafton, Reporter

The recent allegations that are surrounding Donald Trump and his sex scandal have been wavering the voters’ decisions so close to the election. Two women accusing Trump of sexual harassment decided to bring these instances to the public eye. The allegations were from several years ago, so it is inapt that they are just coming to the surface now. It is not like Trump is new to the public light. If these allegations are true, and the women wanted to make their claims heard, they could have and should have brought these allegations up a number of times before now.

Even earlier in the race, reporters and news channels would have been all over this story. People would have been exposed to this scandal. It is highly unlikely that this scandal, if the facts are all there and this case actually has evidence, would be brushed under the rug. The fact that these allegations are just now being brought to light instead of earlier in the election, or even earlier in Trump’s career, shows that these allegations probably don’t have much merit.

These allegations popping up just weeks before the election makes the public feel that they might just be a low blow instead of an actual case. This late in the election, most people are just trying to get a feel for the candidates. They listen to the news and media outlets for the pros and the cons. These allegations sound bad, and being very public and very close to election time, they have the power to sway a lot of undecided voters toward Hillary. Despite the fact that Hillary’s cyber scandal swayed a lot of Trump voters his way earlier on in the election, most voters feel like they should support Trump. These allegations may have a lot of light and publicity, but the further they go into these stories, the less merit they have.