Who’s the child now?

What does maturity mean anyways? What is that fine line between being mature and being  immature? Does any rash or abrupt decision signify that someone is immature? Tell me, where is the distinction?

If I were to lose your contact, block your number, and forget your existence in the span of an unexpected second, would that make me a child? Yes, apparently. That would be rash and immature, or so I’ve been told. But what if there was a reason behind those rash decisions? What if I blocked your number because you were hurting me, and I’d rather not have to continue being hurt. Would that make me just as much of a child as before, or are you now suddenly the immature one?

Or if you say something hurtful to me and I turn my shoulder, choosing to distance myself instead of losing my cool and snapping, is that so immature? Is it really so childish for me to hold my tongue and walk away instead of yelling in protest? And you, being the adult that you are, think that your yelling at me is mature, but my silence is not. What if I decided to give in to my anger and lash out at you with my words, wouldn’t you still call me immature?

Am I thought of as immature just because of my age? Is my youth the reason I have been turned into a helpless, irrational human in the eyes of others? Because despite my inexperience in life, I feel as though I can keep my balance, I can stay rational and think straight through trials and extreme emotion. Yet I’m watching society crumble because of their actions and decisions. 

So who’s the child now? Me or you? The one who keeps to herself or the one who irrationally lashes out? Think about it for a second and get back to me. I’ll be waiting patiently for you to grow up.