Salt Water


The sun warms my face as my footprints mark the powdered sand. Voices cloud my ears and my senses blur as they’re overcome by salt, waves, and coconut sunscreen. My legs lead me to the shore. Without even thinking, my body instinctively reaches further and further out to the depths of the sea. A deep breath consumes my lungs and I submerge my being into the waves.

This feeling is liberating. I’m astounded as to how this action expounds so much joy. I break through the surface of the ocean and take in the overview of the coastline. I let the aura of the beach take over my thoughts and revoke my worries. I run my fingers through my tangled blonde mop of hair and tuck stray hairs behind my ears. My hands run across the smooth surface of my surfboard and I ease my body onto it. Muscles in my shoulders flex as I propel myself across the surf. I push my body up onto the board and effortlessly guide it through the curl of a wave. Exhilaration floods my blood as excitement pulses through my veins and guides me through hours of this adventure.

As the sun signals the close of yet another exquisite summer day, I guide my tired leg muscles through the pull of the ocean and across the beach. My feet slip into my sandals as I grab my towel and beach bag. I start my Jeep and the beginning of another adventure is about to take place. The wind tickles my face as I cruise down the San Diego coastline. Colorful buildings flood my vision as my surroundings clue me in on the beach town that I call home.

I watch as I’m immersed in yet another beautiful sunset is painted on the sky. After washing off the seaweed, salt, and sand from my freshly tanned skin, I crawl under my patterned comforter and fall into a comfortable sleep, dreaming of the adventures the next day will hold.