Singing lights out

Lighthouse prepares for their new year and the performances that accompany it

Every Monday afternoon, around 7:00 pm, sounds of melody and harmony can be heard slipping through the cracked door of room E101. This is when the choral elite and Har-ber’s finest singers gather weekly to rehearse for future performances, and congregate in a shared camaraderie based on a love of vocal music and excellence within this field of study.

Lighthouse is a group, hand selected by the Har-ber choir directors Randy Erwin and Michael Brown from Camerata, the top choir at school. These students are chosen based on choral ability and overall merit. This group can be seen performing annually at the homecoming assembly, singing at sporting events, and performing at small events when the need and opportunity presents itself.

Junior Hannah Fisk in her interview talked about why she was in lighthouse and what her favorite part was.  

“Lighthouse is an opportunity to do something I love in a mature, focused environment, while still having a ton of fun! My favorite part is being stretched in an environment where expectations are high,” Fisk stated.

It is in statements such as this where the passion and love for choral music these students possess becomes truly apparent.

Junior Felicity Rubio spoke about a similar topic in her interview.  

“ Lighthouse is one of the best parts of my week, I love getting to work with the other people in it and hear their ideas and get to know them better,” Stated Rubio.

In a follow up question asking what being a member of the group was like Rubio also commented

“There is a family like atmosphere in lighthouse, and the shared interest/passion for choir brings us even closer as friends and a group. I know most of the members to a varying degree and my hope is to get ot know them all better through this group….Being in lighthouse means being part of a family”

This illustrates the kinship and community within this choral group, allowing for excellence and the best possible musical result. This year lighthouse’s student body debut will be the homecoming assembly on the 28th of september.