Binaural Beats; Tripped out through sound

Binaural Beats; Tripped out through sound

How Binaural Beats Work

Music and sound have always been known to have strange effects on the human mind, however, these all seem to happen by chance.  In 1839, scientist Heinrich Willhelm Dove discovered the concept of “binaural beats’.  However, the science needed to be more looked into and hasn’t been injected back into society until recently.

Whatever one may call them, ‘binaural beats’ (or ‘binaural sounds) are a continues steam of audio that is made up of two different frequencies com in in from either side of your headphones (which are required in order for the effect to work) that eventually stimulates the brain into different states of awareness and action.

These sounds can be used for therapeutic reasons such as helping one focus or sleep, as well as giving you feelings of euphoria, the sensation of taking drugs, regular hallucinations, and even orgasmic experiences.

With that being said, the question of wether or not binaural beats could be used as some sort of pseudo-drug has to be asked.  I personally think that they definitely could be, however what are the harms?  There really aren’t any negative health effects.

When I first stumbled upon these ‘beats’ it was somewhere around two o’clock in the morning, so I thought to myself, “I need to sleep, so i’ll listen to the sleeping one. Herp-derp-da-derp”.  Kind of a mistake, as it turned out.  After slapping on my headphones and anticipating a soon to be good night’s rest I had to wait a good 15 minutes for the effects to actually kick in.  I soon was peacefully asleep, but that was soon disrupted by hallucinations… That I was in a dark hole being clawed at by a colony of little demon-like monsters.  I instantly woke up in a sweat and state of confusion, accompanied by somewhat blurry vision – it kind of freaked me out, not gonna lie.

Needless to say, “results may vary”.

Despite my horrible experience with that specific binaural beat, I am fascinated with the concept and plan on dabbling with it more in the future and checking out the extensive libraries of sounds that have been collected on the internet.  Let’s just hope I don’t listen to one that makes me think i’m possessed by the devil.

So I recommend people go search into this (Google is your friend), just be car full and don’t be stupid and don’t do it while you’re driving or something.