Tennis Duo Makes the Most of Senior Year

Abe Archer and Dossett Hall are unstoppable on the court as the two 6’0 giants play tennis side by side for the Har-Ber Wildcats. The seniors have worked hard for 3 years as they represent their school for their last year. 

“We are great doubles partners,” said Hall, “ we keep each other accountable and hype each other up.” 

Since sophomore year, they have worked up to their spot as 3rd ranked for varsity doubles for Har-Ber high school. They currently hold a record of 8-4. Archer and Hall have many strengths and weaknesses shared between them. Between the two players, they are strong, tall, encouraging, good communicators and great at rallies. 

“They are always looking toward getting better at the sport,” said Carlee Boyd, “they will work hard and have fun no matter if they win or lose.”

From the viewpoint of sophomore player, Boyd, this pair is a light to the team and stands out. Archer and Hall are inclusive to new players and never fail to make the team laugh, according to Boyd. Not only do they lead the team in skill but they also lead by kindness. No matter the outcome of the game the two of them are still in it together and are ready for the next match ahead. 

“ The best part about playing tennis with Dossett is our ability to work off of each other.” said Archer, “our ultimate strength is being able to adapt against our partners.”

They are friends on and off the court. Their strong relationship is a key factor of how they play. Even though they don’t want to play in college, they put in the work for their senior year. They push each other through the match and strategize their plays. Archer and Hall know how to beat their opponents by playing smart alongside each other. 

“Our ability to make good plays wins us the points,” Archer said. “ We know how to work smarter, not harder.”