For team, not for title

Silver Stars face unexpected challenges at state competition.

The Silver Stars spend a lot of time and worked hard into preparing for competition season and state. The day before state, November 9th, the girls were taken by surprise when senior, Elle Verucchi, captain of the Silver Stars, was unable to perform at state due to a knee injury. State was in less than 24 hours.
“I was really upset at first when i first heard the news about my knee, but I thought it was really cool that it gave Addison an opportunity to hope back in,” said Verucchi.

Addison Taldo stepped in for the team replacing Madison Scirto, who replaced Elle Verucchi.

“I was stressed out about the changes but I’m just glad I got to come in and help the team,” said sophomore, Addison Taldo.

She learned her role the day before the competition.

“We have practice every day at 6 am till about 7:30 to try and work on our dances and we work on Sundays for almost 4 hours,” said junior, Ashlin Steele, junior lieutenant of the team.

Though the other girls competing had been practicing for months for multiple hours, they also had to make some changes the day before.

“I prepared by coming in on Friday, the day before and learned the all of the dances to fill in for somebody that was hurt,” said sophomore, Addison Taldo.

She had already learned their dances but wasn’t planning on dancing due to an ankle injury earlier in the season. She did need to learn her parts since they were different from before.

“It was very stressful but since I’ve been dance my whole life I knew I was able to do it and step in for my team,” said sophomore, Madison Scrito.

She was not worried about the changes.

“I was really proud of the team considering the situation,” said Verucchi.

The situation was interesting. It’s not something a team wants to have to do before their biggest competition of the season.

“I think we were under a lot of pressure on the day, with the injuries on the team but we did really good under the circumstances,” said Steele.

Although the Silver Stars did not place, they were proud of the results and the way they danced.

“I wasn’t the happiest with my results but I was happy to help the team,” said Taldo.

“She was really stressed out, as well as most of us, but she pulled it off really well,” said Verucchi.

“I think it was really good that Addison stepped up and danced with us,” said Steele. Taldo was the happiest with her results but her teammates were proud of her and glad she stepped in.

“We really enjoy ourselves when we dance,” said Scrito. They don’t just dance for their coach, they dance because it is something they all enjoy.