Senior leaders contribute to team spirit

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Senior leaders contribute to team spirit

Hunter Cloud, Sports Editor

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At bat after at bat, senior Aryn Scoggins goes up to the plate with the hope of helping her team win. The team has made the playoffs almost every year and Scoggins is looking to lead them to it again.

“I have been in a slump, but the team has been competing well as a whole. It’s been a good year for us so far,” Scoggins said.

The team has had a few rough spots including a four game losing streak as well as another three game losing streak.

“We’ve kind of gone through a rough patch but we are working through it,” Scoggins said.

Despite the poor record, Coach Lawson is still proud of his team and the effort they have put in.

“This team has showed tremendous perseverance through many ups and downs. They have worked and put themselves into many opportunities that could have resulted in a few more wins if we could have gotten some timely hits,” Lawson said.

The team has focused on getting better with the upperclassmen being leaders. Junior Cearra McPherson is one of the players who has stepped up to lead the sophomores.

“Once you’ve been starting since you were a freshman, you have to step up and have the leadership,” McPherson said.

There is a good chemistry with the team, and the seniors have contributed a lot to the team’s strong bond this season. Their hard work to keep things optimistic has really stood out to their coach.

“The upperclassmen have worked hard to keep everything positive and uplifting for themselves and their teammates. It always shows when you see on a daily basis how much these girls enjoy the camaraderie that occurs when a group of young people develop that team bonding experience,” Lawson said.

The leaders are trying to develop the young talent into even better players by improving their knowledge of the game.

“It’s one thing to have talent but it’s another for someone who doesn’t know the game to develop them,” McPherson said.

Another way the seniors and juniors help out the younger players is through encouragement and coaching.

“[We help them by] coaching them up and making sure they have their head high if they make a mistake. Then you have to tell them what they did wrong so they know how to fix it,” McPherson said.

It’s important to develop the younger players as a coach, and what of the ways they improve their abilities is through game experience.

“it is important to get them into as many game situations as possible whether it be as a sub in the varsity game or getting them into some action during the Junior Varsity. Getting as many reps as possible is very critical to the development all players both young and old,” Lawson said.

The team only has to beat out two teams to make it to the playoffs. Currently they have three wins and are sixth in conference.

“Right now we are on the road to state and we’ve won three games already. We only have to beat out two teams to make it to state which we are doing right now,” Scoggins said.

Scoggins sees that the quality of play is improving as they start to close out the season and head into the playoffs.

“We practice every single day. The biggest thing we struggle with right now is hitting. We just need to put it all together and hit better. Our fielding has been good,” Scoggins said.

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Senior leaders contribute to team spirit