Silver star competition

Stefania Pasetto, Reporter

The Silver Stars placed well in their last competition on October 15. In Van Buren, they got first in their jazz dance and second in their pom and hip-hop dances.

“I was really nervous before, but when I started dancing, I got very excited, and I remembered to myself why I love dancing,” senior Mattie Boortz said.

According to the captain, the competition was hard, and the other teams were very competitive, but in the end, they got really good results. They have other competitions planned in the future and, in particular, the state competition.

“They are all really important, but the one that really matters is the competition on November 12, because it’s to win the state title,” Boortz said.

They are practicing to improve themselves and their routines to get better for the competition in the coming weeks.

“I know and especially the all team knows that we can work harder, get more emotion and work on our technic,” junior Carly Perrine said.

The Silver Stars are doing their best and they never give up.

“I think we should have good attitudes, especially when we are tired and we want to give up,” Boortz said.

They want to persevere and keep on working even when it’s difficult, because they really want to place well in the other competitions. They are working as a real team, too.

“We have done a really good job together,” Boortz said.