Muller report details revealed

Students arguments, thoughts and opinions.

The findings of the Mueller report, an investigation into the suspected involvement of Russia in the 2016 election, were recently released but surrounded with large controversy.

While the report officially stated that there was “no collusion” much of the general public found this difficult to believe, pointing to the fact that the report wasn’t fully released due to the contents being essential to national security.

Of the student body surveyed only 44.4% of students knew what the Mueller report was, the remainder saying. The majority of the student body was unaware of the Mueller report leaving comments such as “I usually get my information from Social Media because watching the news stress me out and make me upset. The only information that I get on social media is usually really important things that actually impact my life.”

While this train of thought alongside a complete disinterest seems to be the most common, other students had opinions both in support of the reliability of the report, as well as those who had their doubts of the accuracy of the release.

Some students fully support the report, agreeing with the statement of “no collusion” and support that there wasn’t any interference in the 2016 presidential election.

“I fully believe that the American people voted him into office. If you did not want President Trump in office, then do your civil duty and vote. It’s just that simple,” junior, Makayla Reed said.

Other students don’t think that the report was necessary to begin with.

“It was nobody’s business. Trump is a great president regardless,” junior, Lilyan Bonds said.

Some students believe the report on the grounds that it was published by government employees, trusting the report to be reliable.

“We should be able to trust our FBI. They’re only here to protect us,” junior, Alexia Brito said.

Other students are concerned with the secrecy of the report and that its contents haven’t been made public.

“I feel it has been a miscarry a justice because it declares innocence yet refuses to show the documents to the members of Congress and by extension the American people who have a right to know about interference,” Senior, Caleb Strickland said.

Students also disagree with the statement of “no collusion” and find it difficult to believe given the circumstances surrounding the report.

“Having partisan investigations defeats the purpose, also Mueller has refused to provide the documents to the house and senate unredacted,” Strickland said.

Other students are skeptical of the logistics of the report, concerned with the way it was released.

“A 300 page report can not be condensed into 4 pages,” an anonymous student said.

Other students are of the opinion that the stigma surrounding the report was brought on by the media.