HBHS to attempt Under Armour: Finding Undeniable again

Last year, students competed in Under Armour: Finding Undeniable by completing and documenting various challenges and getting students and the community to vote for the school everyday online.  After a late start and only two weeks of fierce competition, the school managed to land in the top ten.

Now that the new year is upon us and the competition is about to start again, we are already registered to participate for this years challenges with the goal of making it to first place.

The first place winning school of Under Armour: Finding Undeniable will receive $140,000 worth of Under Armour brand uniform, gear, and footwear.

“The whole trick is to get people to vote everyday and have every student involved, and let it branch out from there to their friends, brothers, sisters, where the student works, and getting the whole community involved,” said Coach Chris Wood.

Another part of the competition are the completions of various tasks, which could require the whole student body to work together or focus more on a small group of students.  While a lot of challenges may require a certain amount of physical ability, creativity is what gets more points.

However, there is one elephant in the room when it comes to things like this. Everyone assumed that the whole student body is putting forth all of their energy to only benefit football, especially because the involvement with Under Armour: Finding Undeniable is ran through a football coach.

“Its for all athletic teams,” said Wood.  “Its not about football, this is for all sports.  Really, it has nothing to do with football.”

Perhaps this year, the protocol for if we win should be better explained.

“I was under the impression that it only benefited the football team. I think they need to explain it to the whole school better than they did last year,” said senior and dance team member Alex Dudley.

Under Armour sells equipment and clothing for many sports such as football, soccer, basketball, and basball.

In comparison to the school’s other athletics, football already has most of it’s equipment.  If we were to win Under Armor: Finding Undeniable the winnings would be more geared to outfit other varsity teams.

“If we won, the dance team could use some new uniforms for when we play away games,” said Dudley.

With that being said, many members of the student body aren’t part of a sports team (or have no desire to affiliate themselves with helping the sports programs).  How do you get them to participate?

“The students who aren’t interested in athletics wouldn’t benefit directly but I’m sure those students have friends who are in athletics and would want their friends to have better equipment,” said senior Pierce Phillips.