Composition course teaches students how to analyze, evaluate written works

College Composition is an advanced placement English course for twelfth grade students looking to major in journalism or any profession interested in writing. It has an 81% pass rate according to 

“Right now we’re preparing for our final,” Landon Smith said. “Our last big assignment, we got to choose an art piece from a list and then do a research paper over it.”

This course is commonly taken during the first semester of students’ freshman year of college. Students like Smith learn how to analyze, summarize, and evaluate written works according to Also, students learn how to use correct grammar, correct writing organization, and test taking skills. 

“We started making our own art pieces,” Smith said.”Then we evaluate them and then tie it back to a topic and I am doing climate change.”

In this advanced placement course, students gain important communication skills and important insights about great writing. 

According to, in any college major you encounter, students need strong writing skills whether that is criminal justice, psychology, or any course involving technology.

“The reason I decided to take this class is because I enjoy writing and English class,” Smith said. 

Most classes require writing skills, other than a couple, such as architecture and fine arts. Music or Art involved majors do not require as much writing in their courses. However, students still need respectable communication skills to excel in college classes. 

Other students take college composition because they are already ahead of English 12 criteria and want another AP credit to go towards their transcript.  Others choose to take this class to avoid taking it during their freshman year of college.

“I am majoring in Journalism and Law. I took this class to get it out of the way and get further into more ‘major focused’ classes,” Smith said.