Blue Crew revives school spirit


Karla Sprague

Leaders of the Blue Crew rallied students for an away game against the Fayetteville Bulldogs on Sept. 23. The volleyball team defeated the conference rival 3-2 in a classic showdown.

As the Blue Crew rushed out of Wildcat arena, they extended the celebration of a big win against the Bentonville Tigers’ volleyball team to the parking lot. School spirit has been reborn due to the efforts of seniors including seniors Emma Roach, Brooke Bowen, Mac Wright, and Miles Rolfe.

“Blue Crew’s goal is to get as many people in the student body involved in all things sports, events, and just anything related to the school,” Roach said. “Our goal was to start making fun traditions that are carried on into other years.” 

After COVID-19 took away the opportunities of the student section to attend events last year, Roach and other seniors felt the need to reestablish the spirit throughout the school. These seniors want Blue Crew to be a place where all students are welcome and given a place to be involved within the school. 

“It’s a club for the student section that brings togetherness and bonding throughout the school,” senior Brooke Bowen said. “We bring more spirit and hype to the games along with creating a fun atmosphere for students and athletes.” 

Bowen’s role in the club is to bring the school together, and communicate information through social media. As well as meeting with other members of the club to decide what props and extra supplies they need to get in order to include everyone during the games. 

“The more we include people that come, the more likely we are to have a good student section to cheer on all of our sports teams,” senior Clark Jenkins said. “I think it’s a place where everyone gets to see their friends and make new ones.” 

Jenkins cheers beside Wright and Rolfe, and he feels they bring lots of energy to the student section and are capable of getting everyone on their feet anytime, anywhere. 

Roach wanted to bring the blue crew back to uplift students after a depressing past year due to the pandemic. 

“I felt inspired to kickstart Blue Crew back up,” Roach said, “because we had such a hard year with COVID.”