Student expresses her artistic talents through dance and photography

While she has a busy dance schedule on her hands, senior Addison Whitney also spends her time being the school’s sports photographer. Balancing school, photography, and dance has been difficult for Whitney; however, she has learned to manage her time for these hobbies. Whitney has always enjoyed the art of photography and dove into it around middle school.

“Before middle school I just used my phone,” Whitney said, “but I would take pictures practically anywhere and everywhere I went.”

Whitney did not get an actual digital camera until around middle school. 

“I took that thing everywhere with me,” Whitney said. “Every vacation, dance competition, just anywhere.”

In junior high, Whitney decided to join the yearbook staff, which is what attributes her largest growth in her understanding of the art. 

“I’ve been taking pictures for yearbook since eighth grade and it’s one of my favorite hobbies to do. Not only is taking the picture creative expression but so is editing them,” Whitney said.

As Whitney grew more involved in photography, the balance between her two arts (photography and dance) became difficult for her. 

“I’m at dance everyday after school either demonstrating, teaching my own classes, or taking my own classes,” Whitney said, “If I am not at dance, I’m either at school or a school event taking photos.” 

Meanwhile, Whitney still manages to make it work by using her downtime to edit pictures that she has taken. 

There are times where I get behind on photos,” Whitney said, “But I have some wonderful people on my team that can and always will lend me a hand. 

Whitney’s best photography experience is the growth that she has achieved over the last five years from capturing pictures at school football games. Fortunately, Whitney has not been injured by a flying ball or player at a game before. 

“There have been many very close calls, but nothing too serious has happened,” Whitney said. 

Recently, she was asked to shoot her cousin’s walkthrough and rehearsal dinner for a wedding. 

“This was probably the best first step I could have received for entering the professional world of photography,” Whitney said, “It was a completely different event than what I am used to, and it helped me grow as a photographer.” 

According to Whitney, she has had great experiences with dance as well. She was a member of American Dance Company and traveled to many countries in Europe such as Poland and Italy. This honorable experience led her and the rest of the United States dance team to gain four gold, three silver, and three bronze medals. 

“It was such an honor to represent the United States with some of the best people and dancers that I have ever met,” Whitney said. 

Whitney doesn’t exactly know what her future plans with photography will be yet; however, she will still occasionally take pictures. 

“I hope to continue my photography career in college,” Whitney said, “But I am not sure whether this will be within the college I attend or just a side hobby that I do.”