Teacher creates his own Chromebook cart parade

Tuesday, October 27th, forming his hair into a gel’d-up mohawk, spanish and history teacher, Michael Spencer prepares for his “grand finale” hairdo before going back to normal. To top off the look, he connects his phone to his bluetooth speaker and blares music from his classroom-on-wheels as he moves to his next classroom location. 

This year being his first year having multiple classrooms, Spencer decided to take the optimistic approach to his inconvenient situation. 

“This is the first year I’m on a cart,” Spencer said, “I used to just be in the same classroom all day, so I figured I would make the most out of it and have fun with it.”

Spencer’s cart isn’t the average small two shelf cart. 

“Instead of one of the regular carts, I got one of the Chromebook carts and I took all the shelves out of it, so I put all my stuff in there,” Spencer said. “I just put a bluetooth speaker in there and I just have a playlist of awesome songs that I play while I go from one classroom to the other and I just blast it.” 

Spencer has a vision to make the cart even more exciting. 

“I’m going to deck it out even more and I’ve been working on some posters to put on it to say ‘The Spencer Parade’ and then I’m going to put some lights on it, I just haven’t got around to all that yet,” Spencer said.

Not only was this sparked as a result of the depression of COVID-19, but to make school more fun in general. 

“I’ve been trying to just make the best out of everything and just try to make school a fun place to be, but even without (COVID-19) I probably would still do it,” Spencer said. 

This idea has made his experience on a cart better for not only students, but himself. 

“Being on a cart is not fun as a teacher, but I’m just the kind of person that – I just try and have fun with it if you can and make things not suck,” Spencer said.

As for his variety of hairstyles, a new hairdo has been expected each day by students, staff, and Instagram. 

“I’ve been growing my hair out since March and it started out as my ‘lockdown haircut’ and I’ve never had my hair this long before in my life,” Spencer said. “As it got longer, I started trying different, fun hairstyles that I would’ve never done before.”

According to Spencer, he plans to pursue his plans to add on to his cart and continue to bring joy to the hallways of Har-Ber.