Sugar Cookie Art Made and Sold by Student


While students did their best to finish the school year strong during alternative method of instruction days last school year, senior Anakaren Barragan flipped through her planner to view upcoming orders. 

Barragan works diligently to keep up with school work and her bakery business named Sugar B, which sells holiday and customized sugar cookie sets, as well as DIY sets. Although Barragan has been baking since she was a child, Sugar B was founded only five months ago on Mother’s Day weekend. 

“It was Mother’s Day and I wanted to make some for my mom and she kind of gave me the idea to tell people that I was selling them to see if it would work,” Barragan said. “I was overwhelmed with the number of orders I got that weekend, so I decided I was going to try it out.”

When completing orders, Barragan mainly works by herself to sell quality cookies by making everything from scratch.

“It’s mostly me,” Barragan said. “Sometimes my mom helps, but the business is mine. I taught myself as I went. I just played around with icing. Trial and error.”

Barragan chose to invest her time with sugar cookies because it combines her love for baking and art.

“I want to be an art teacher,” Barragan said. “My thing is art that’s why I like customizing sugar cookies.”

Additionally, she has created a routine that fits her busy school and business schedule.

“I usually complete orders Friday since I don’t go to school,” Barragan said. “Most of my orders are for the weekend, so when I’m not at school, I’m baking and decorating.”

Furthermore, Sugar B’s clientele ranges from strangers on social media to friends and family, including seniors Lizeth Arenas and Natalie Herrera. 

“Her cookies were so cute, affordable, and tasted great,” Arenas said.

Arenas ordered sugar cookies for Father’s Day.

“I would happily go back, and I have recommended her place to my close friends,” Arenas said.

As previously mentioned, Barragan also sells customized cookie sets.

“The first time I ordered cookies from her was back in August for my cousin’s engagement party,” Herrera said. “My family is obsessed with her cookies. They are just the right amount of sweetness.”

With time, Barragan hopes to grow her business beyond her home.

“For now, it’s a side hobby, but hopefully, when I finish high school I could work on it full time plus go to school,” Barragan said. “I want to open my own little bakery.”

Ultimately, Barragan took a risk in pursuit of her passion. She demonstrated initiative.

“Believe in yourself and think positively,” Barragan said. “Hope for the best, and watch your business grow.”