Tik-Tok fame reached by students


Many students have had videos blown up on a popular social platform known as Tik-Tok. Tik-Tok has ranked as one of the highest apps for the fifth consecutive quarter according to the app store statistics. More than 33 million people downloaded the app by the first quarter, according to oborlo.com.

The app consists of creating 1-minute videos that include transitions, filters, and comical voiceovers. When a video becomes popular, it is then publicized on the “for you” page, where the video is accessible to anyone who opens the app.  Students have been featured on this page where their videos proceeded to blow up. The app is used for campaigns,

advertising, inspiration, etc.. Students, such as senior Ben Stacy, make Tik-Toks for their own


“We made fun of people who made Tik-Toks and then we, as a joke one day, made it. We just made one Tik-Tok and it just went crazy,” Stacy said.

Stacy is a member of a Tik-Tok account that includes many more students such as junior Braxton Bowen, senior Seth

Nerenberg, and senior Garrett Pieroni. After only 12 videos, the account has received 6,848 fans and 124.7K total likes.

To others, such as senior Taylor Dawn Autry, their Tik-Tok fame is not solely based on a one-hit-wonder. Autry’s account has reached 100K fans with about 864k likes total. Her videos consist of mainly comedy and have received an average of 15,157 likes per video.

“I just like making people laugh and smile, “ said Autry

Many Tik-Toks have been made throughout the student body and many are continuing to be made as students embrace their creativity and humor. Tik-Tok has brought entertainment to not only students, but students all over the world.