Miss Lowe hopes to build spirit, relationships in new role

Miss Aterra Lowe braces herself as she prepares to experience high school all over again. She is the new assistant principal, over the PHEdS house. Her goals are to improve students knowledge for the future.

Lowe came from Helen Tyson Middle School. There, she was an instructional facilitator for sixth and seventh grade. This is her third year in the Springdale School District.

She has also been an English teacher at Rogers and Bentonville.

“I think the biggest difference is just the behavior,” Lowe said. She thinks high schoolers and middle schoolers act much differently.

According to Lowe, middle schoolers tend to be more energetic than high schoolers. High schoolers are calmer and quieter, especially during lunches.

“This year one of my biggest plans is just to get to know people, build relationships,” Lowe said, “build relationships not only with teachers but also with students.”

She would like to know students as people instead of students. She would also like to get to know the people in her house better.

“She definitely made a good effort to get to know people,” PHEdS history teacher John Stewart said.

Before students came back to school, the teachers and Lowe had a breakout session the week before school in order for her to get to know teachers.

“Something that I’m passionate about is getting students involved. I’m really passionate about clubs, making that a bigger deal in years to come,” Lowe said.

She believes this will build school spirit. Listening to students’ ideas is another way she hopes to get students involved and motivated.

“I think the biggest thing is to understand potential and understand what they can do and all the opportunities that are out in the world,” Lowe said.

When Lowe was younger, she did not realize there was more in the world than being an educator or joining the medical field. There are many opportunities for students just in Northwest Arkansas only, such as Tyson Foods, Walmart, and JB Hunt. Her goal is to insure that students understand there are many opportunities for them.

“I’m passionate about making sure that you understand that the jobs you are gonna have in the future are not created yet,” Lowe said.

Because new companies are always starting up and technology is always changing, students’ future jobs have not yet been created. Miss Lowe believes that students can and will create their future job.

One project Lowe is working this year is a mentor program with house facilitator Angie Anderson. This program will connect students with mentors to help build a connection as a contact person in the future.

“Just partnership,” Lowe said, “relationships that’s what I stand for.”